The Stakes Are Raised In High Net Worth Divorce

We Will Protect Your Long-Term Interests

Dividing marital assets in divorce is always difficult, but it becomes especially challenging for professionals, entrepreneurs and others who have accumulated substantial assets during a marriage. Whether you expect your spouse will work to resolve property division issues amicably or things could become contentious, it is important to work with an attorney who fully understands the complex matters that come into play when a couple with substantial assets gets divorced.

Does an existing order regarding child support or alimony no longer make sense due to changes in your life or a former spouse's life? We can work to modify or terminate support.

Barry P. Burnette, PA, in Tavares routinely represents doctors, lawyers, business owners and other high-asset individuals or their spouses in divorce. Our experience and thorough knowledge of the issues that must be addressed in high-asset divorce cases help put our clients in the best possible position for the long run.

What Assets Are Divided In Complex Divorce?

Under Florida law, all marital assets must be divided in a divorce. This includes all assets the spouses acquired separately and together during the marriage, including retirement accounts, pensions, deferred compensation and insurance plan payments. Both parties may decide to continue to jointly own some assets, such as investment real estate, a vacation home or a business.

Often, high-asset couples also have substantial debt. We provide the same protections when assigning mortgages, car loans, credit card debt and other liabilities in divorce.

We Find The True Value Of Nonliquid Assets

When necessary, we work with highly skilled specialists who help us determine the proper value of a second home, investment real estate, family-owned business, professional partnership or any other nonliquid asset.

We also frequently work with forensic accountants to ensure that all income and assets are reported. This is important not only for the equitable division of marital property, but also to reach fair agreements regarding child support and spousal support. Whether you expect to pay support or receive it, it is critical to work with a lawyer who will fully protect your long-term interests.

Let Us Create An Effective Legal Strategy For You

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