Florida Child Support Is Based On Numerous Factors

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Florida law requires both parents to support a child's basic needs until the child turns 18. The amount that a noncustodial parent pays to a custodial parent for each child is determined by a mathematical formula that takes into account a number of factors, including the income of both parents, the number of overnights a child spends with each parent, heath insurance costs and day care costs.

However, either parent may request the court deviate from the formula due to extenuating circumstances, such as:

  • Extraordinary medical, educational or day care expenses
  • High net worth of either parent or a standard of living that was set during the marriage
  • Seasonal variations in a parent's income or expenses
  • A child's special expenses, including summer camps, music lessons, travel, athletics or other activities
  • The actual number of overnights a child spends with a parent

It's More Than Plugging Numbers Into A Formula

Determining the proper amount of child support is more complex than plugging numbers into a mathematical formula, which is why it is important to enlist the services of a law firm like Barry P. Burnette, PA. We have comprehensive knowledge of Florida family law as it pertains to child support and other issues regarding children and divorce.

We focus on family law issues and represent clients from a wide range of socioeconomic backgrounds to ensure the child support they pay or receive is fair. We have extensive experience working with doctors, lawyers, entrepreneurs and others whose financial situation is complex as a result of substantial assets. If you and your child's other parent are unable to reach agreement on child support through negotiations, we are prepared to advocate on your behalf in court.

Modifications And Enforcement Of Orders

Life situations change, for parents as well as children. Child support can be modified due to a substantial, permanent and unanticipated change in circumstances. Examples include a parent losing a job, a child no longer needing day care, or increased health care, day care or educational costs. We can help if you wish to petition for a child support modification or defend against a petition that has been filed by your child's other parent.

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